The Ugly Sister
Hey girlfriends, let me tell you how this whole thing got started...
I've been into Bling my whole life so it was only fitting that I start designing jewelry (which I did years ago). Girl, you have to understand that once I get started...well, lets just say I've got a mountain of it stashed away. Oh how the time flies!
I have this friend who says to me...
FRIEND: "Girl you better start letting go of some of that Bling".
ME: "Oh I will."
FRIEND: "Girl, your lips are moving but you aren't sayin' nothing!"
So here I am and if bling is your thing....
The Ugly Sister BoutiqueTM
"What a fun place you have there" 
     I've been approached by so many wanting to know how I came up with The Ugly Sister Boutique......well, lets see.....its really easy.....It's creative.......It's fun........It's going to make you smile.......It's my personality out there for the world to see.  Come on in.  The Ugly Sister Boutique specializes in quirky gifts, one of a kind WOW factor jewelry, trendy fashions and handbags.   It's really that simple.....I want a place that is set apart from everyone else.  I want you to smile when you come in.  Everyone has their dream, it just so happens this boutique is  MINE!   
      I opened my boutique in 2010 and moved into a downtown Sioux City storefront in May of 2011. 
I was approached by a gal in Hudson, Wisconsin who consequently purchased the right to borrow the name and my concept and with some guidance from the original Ugly Sister, opened up her own little piece of happiness November 2012. 
In October of 2013 the store was relocated to Omaha's Midtown Crossing at Turner Park
at 3157 Farnam
Suite 7109
Omaha, Ne 68131
    Come on in, I promise you will smile before you leave.  I'm a one of a kind gal in a one of a kind type boutique.
   Come see me soon!
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The Ugly Sister Boutiquetm
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3157 Farnam Street
Omaha, Ne 68131
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